About Us

PioMu’s Mission Statement
Our mission is to inspire learning and skills development in children through a unique mix of safe, non-toxic, non-violent, quality and fun toys. Our toys nourish creativity and imagination, analytical reasoning and logical thinking, compassion and integrity. We truly believe that a childhood filled with love, respect, and safe learning can result in a generation of sensible and passionate citizens that are confident in their abilities and that can develop their full potential. It is all about the children!

PioMu’s Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the premier specialty toy store in Puerto Rico and beyond where customers can shop for educational, high quality, safe toys and other children products. We work passionately to build a trust relationship and become a parent’s partner in their child’s development providing them with a personalized experience by our knowledgeable, honest, and friendly toy and children product experts. 

Our Founders
PioMu was founded by two successful young professionals and dedicated parents. In this venture, they found a common passion to provide their own kids and all children with safe toys.

Glorimar Ripoll

Glorimar is an Information Technology professional who became a mother in 2008 with the birth of her first child. She had dedicated more than 5 years to managing strategic technology projects and to designing enterprise-wide systems for a prestigious local financial institution. With a Bachelor’s degree in Management Science and Master’s degree in Engineering from MIT, Glorimar had a passion for technology and was thankful to be living her career dream. Her baby boy changed it all. Her entrepreneurial spirit and motherly instinct took her in an unexpected direction. She conceptualized PioMu and has now witness the success of her enterprise as a premier specialty toy store in Puerto Rico and beyond. Glorimar is PioMu's Chief Executive Officer. 

Luis Benítez
Luis has an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree from MIT.  This gives him a solid background in his field and his achievements at a multi-national technology company are remarkable. He has become a lead voice for social software implementations for organizations. As a consultant and social software evangelist, he has traveled the world from China to Buenos Aires and everything in between, getting to know many people from different cultures. Traveling so much made Luis treasure the times spent with his family and is grateful for the technology that makes it possible to stay connected from thousands of miles away. Luis is an adorable and charming dad. He loves to make his kids laugh, to play games, build Legos and marble runs, and makes the best bedtime stories. 

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